21_21 DESIGN SIGHTのルール?展 (English follows Japanese.)

2021.07.01 | 活動レポート


Growing, Exciting, Civic Tech


A missing part of your city can be changed by people’s wish to change for the better. So let’s bring your idea to Civic Tech to make your future better.



The society has been…

The flow of solving civic problems has been one way – a top-down approach that the government leads.



The society with Civic Tech

By applying digital technology, people from various positions can cooperate with their skills and solve problems with diversified perspectives.




Let’s experience a new style of discussion, “Decidim.”

The way we discuss will change for upcoming modernization, to make a smart city. “Decidim” is a democratic platform where you can submit your opinions and ideas for proposals from the government.

Anyone can participate in the process of rule-making. Join the new style conversation.

STEP 1: 議論に参加


STEP 2: 投票に参加

みんなの意見も参考にタブレットから投票。STEP 1を省略しても投票にご参加いただけます。

STEP 3: 結果を見る



  1. ゲームをするのに約束は必要?
    1. 投票期間: 7月〜8月下旬
    2. 結果展示期間: 9月中旬〜
  2. インターネットを使うためのルールはあるべき?
    1. 投票期間: 9月〜10月下旬
    2. 結果展示期間: 11月中旬〜
  3. 履歴書にテンプレートは必要?
    1. 投票期間: 8月〜9月下旬
    2. 結果展示期間: 10月中旬〜 


STEP 1:  Join the discussions

Submit your opinions and ideas on “Decidim.”

You can view discussions on your device at any time. 

STEP 2: Participate in voting

Vote on an iPad. You can learn other’s ideas on Decidim.

You can skip the previous phase and just join.

STEP 3: See the voting result

The result will be displayed on each table.

You can look at how the decision has been made in Decidim.

Themes of the discussion

  1. Is the rule necessary to play video games?
    1. Voting period: July – the end of August
    2. The result displayed: Mid-September
  2. Do we have to use the template that requires age and gender for a resume?
    1. Voting period: August – the end of September
    2. The result displayed: Mid-October
  3. Should we have the rule to use the internet?
    1. Voting period: September – the end of October
    2. The result displayed: Mid-November


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