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Thinking Together, Creating Together

Everyone can be on the "making" side.
If you are dissatisfied with society, let's first work on our own hands.
Let's use our abilities to create a more enjoyable society in which we can live.
Let's create a new mechanism while thinking together with those in need.
Let's connect beyond organizational and regional barriers, exchange ideas, help each other, and challenge each other.


Openly connecting and updating society

A "society that thinks and works together" requires a "place" that makes it possible. It is not an organization, but individuals who think, act, and connect with others on their own initiative that builds trust and changes society. We create a "place" where people can connect openly and create their own ideal society.
The word "Code" denotes a programming imperative, and while the name Code for Japan implies "using IT to creatively update society," IT is just a tool. It can be used for good or bad. The most important thing is "what it is used for. In other words, "thinking" is as important as "creating. What kind of society do we want to create? What kind of society do you want? This cannot be done by IT engineers alone. It requires the participation of a wide range of people, including government officials, citizens, NPOs, companies, and students.
To create a mechanism for this purpose. This is where it all begins. Let's create a system that enables each and every one of us to think and act "together to think, together to create.


Beyond all borders

Beyond all borders

Let's cross all boundaries.

Open-source minded

Open-source minded

Let's keep an open source mindset.

The first penguin, agile flippers

The first penguin, agile flippers

First penguins have wings to swim agilely

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Think Together,

Create Together.

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