What is Brigade?

We work with citizens and local governments in the areas where we operate to solve local problems

Like Code for Japan, Code for X (the name of the region) is working nationwide to solve regional issues through IT. Code for Japan has formed a partnership with the Brigade, which is a loose network of organizations throughout Japan

What we do

Each brigade varies in size, activity theme, and activities. Some brigades have a few members who meet irregularly, while others have dozens of members who gather once a month. Some brigades have members who are mainly interested in childcare or accessibility, while others deal with a variety of topics. Brigades are independent organizations, and each brigade is autonomous in the way it conducts its activities


Where we do

There are about 80 brigades in Japan, some with a large area of activity, such as Code for Tokyo (Tokyo), and others with an area of activity, such as Code for Nerima (Nerima-ku, Tokyo). Brigades based on a theme, such as Code for Cat, are active regardless of the region. We encourage you to join a brigade in your area, a brigade near you, or a brigade with a theme you are interested in



How to participate and work?

We recommend that you first attend the events organized by Brigade. Visit each Brigade's website or Facebook page to check out their upcoming events. Most events welcome first-timers. You can also contact Brigade by email or other means. As with events, check the Brigade website or other sites for email addresses and ask how you can participate. Some people are hesitant to participate because they have never done so before or do not have any special skills. However, Brigade has a wide variety of participants, so please feel free to join us first

Brigade Network Participating Organizations

About the Certified Brigade Application and Activity Support Program

You do not need permission from Code for Japan to start Brigade. Many brigades are voluntary organizations. Many brigades are voluntary organizations, and Code for Japan has formed partnerships with brigades in various regions. Code for Japan also provides three types of support to local brigades that are working on the implementation and promotion of civic tech

What is the Activity Support Program?

Specific questions for Brigade launch

The specific process will vary depending on the members and region. If you are unsure how to proceed, please feel free to contact Code for Japan.
We also provide introductions to other Brigades, so please feel free to contact us for more information.

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